Free Vintage Brain Graphics

Here are a few vintage drawings of brains… they are a little odd, but I figured that SOMEONE might have use for them ūüôā [Read more…]

Free Chevron Seamless Patterns

I made these chevron patterns way back for my old design shop and lucky you, it’s free! ¬†….and free for Commercial use! [Read more…]

Free Vintage Bird Clip Art — The Bower-Bird

I have several books filled with vintage images, and I have been meaning to share them for a long time. ¬†Well, here they come, I am going to try to post at least one of them a day for a while. ¬†This image is a black and white drawing of a Bower-Bird with some foliage in the background. ¬†Enjoy! [Read more…]

50+ Free Printable Valentine’s Day Project Life Cards

I am loving Project Life and the simplicity of it! ¬†With Valentine’s Day coming up, I thought that it would be a good time to post a collection of the prettiest free journaling cards for Valentine’s Day. ¬†Enjoy ūüôā [Read more…]

Free February 2014 Printable Visiting Teaching Message Tags

I just had my Visiting Teaching conference yesterday in my Relief Society class, so I felt like I better get going on a printable to share. ¬†This month the message is the last of the series on “The Divine Mission of Jesus Christ”… this month it focuses on the savior as our “Good Shepherd”. ¬†You can get the lesson here. [Read more…]

50+ Gorgeous & Free Wall Art Printables

I’ve been updating my home decor a little bit recently, and I have realized that there are tons of beautiful FREE printables out there. ¬†The really gorgeous, “I would probably pay for this”, kind of free printable art. ¬†They are a little harder to find, so I thought that I would make a post with many of my favorites in one place. [Read more…]

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“Fall in love with as many people as possible.” A Free Printable

I have been working on a Family collage wall and I needed a cute printable to hang. ¬†After scouring the internet and finding lots of great stuff, I ultimately decided to make my own. ¬†That’s good news for you though, because I am going to give it to you free! ¬† [Read more…]

Free Printable Visiting Teaching Handout – January 2014

I haven’t been the best at making Visiting Teaching Messages for a while, but I am going to try to be better this year ūüôā ¬†So here is January’s message, if you haven’t read it yet. ¬†The message is the second part of a 3 part series on “The Divine Mission of Jesus Christ”. ¬†This month we are talking about Christ as our “Exemplar”. ¬†I love this message, and I thought that it was a great way to start the year with New Years Resolutions. ¬†So, I made this bookmark [Read more…]

Free Printable Cardio and Core Tabata Workout

So I have this awesome group of ladies that I workout with in the mornings and we usually grab a workout off Pinterest, or just make something up. ¬†I have been frustrated with trying to find nice printable ones with pictures, so I thought I would make one to share. ¬†Please give me your feedback, because if you like these, I would be happy to make more ūüôā

We have played around with doing circuits and we have found that we really like the “Tabata” style workouts. ¬†How Tabata works, [Read more…]

Free Snowflake Seamless Pattern + How to install it in Blogger as a background

I made this a long time ago for who knows what… good news for you, I am just going to let you have it. ¬†It would be great for a Winter or Christmas blog background, or for any other seasonal project! [Read more…]

Free Vintage Postcard, Frame and Rose Clip Art

I picked up a few vintage post cards from an antique store a year or 2 ago and completely forgot about them! ¬†So I found this one that I wanted to share with you. ¬†The download includes the full postcard image that says, “Good Luck and a Happy Birthday” and then I created a version of just the outer frame. ¬†Lastly, I cut out the roses (my favorite part), and saved those as PNGs with a transparent background. ¬† [Read more…]

Free Vintage Flower Clip Art + a preview…

Today I sat down to work on a freebie that I have been wanting to do for a long time… a Home Management Binder! ¬†I know there are a million out there, but the really pretty/cute ones usually cost, so I have been wanting to make one for a while. ¬†Here is a preview of the cover, at least what it looks like now… [Read more…]

“Love Your State” Free Printables

My good friend Stephanie made these and I am so excited about them! ¬†They are free printables of all the 50 states! ¬†They are 4×6 inches, so they are perfect for project life, scrapbooking, or in a frame as art. ¬†I want to use them for my project life book for my family road trip this summer. ¬†I think it would be fun to print all the states that we visited to go along with those pictures! ¬† [Read more…]

Set of 5 Free Loopy Frames

I made these a while back for my design shop, which I think that I am getting rid of… which happens to be good news for you, because I will be putting a lot of it here for free! ¬†Anyway, this is a set of 5 thin loopy frames. ¬†They are in Vector and PNG format. ¬† [Read more…]

Free Pioneer Quote + Free Wagon Wheel Clip Art

I am up ridiculously late working on my Primary Lesson for tomorrow. ¬†So if any of you happen to be doing the same lesson, here is a free printable to go along with the Primary 5: Doctrine & Covenants Lesson #40. ¬†The lesson is titled “The First Pioneer Company Crosses the Plains” and in the lesson it suggests making a wagon wheel and having the kids use it to measure the room to show how they measured the first trip across the plains. ¬† [Read more…]

Free Rock Star Party Printables

My Daughter had her 5th Birthday in May (that tells you how long it took me to post these!), and she wanted a “Rock Star” Party. ¬†Not exactly what I expected, but it turned out to be a lot of fun. ¬†We searched for lots of Rock Star Party ideas, with no real success, so we ended up coming up with a few of our own ideas which included: ¬†Microphones made out of toilet paper rolls that wrapped in colorful duct tape and we hot glued [Read more…]

Free Laurel Frames, Ribbons, Dividers & Arrows Graphics

I have been a long time follower of StarSunFlower Studio¬†and I have always loved her freebies. ¬†Today I wanted to share this free set of frames, ribbons and arrow clip art with you. ¬†I think they are so pretty, and especially love the colors. ¬†Enjoy! ¬†PS: they are also free for commercial use (make sure to refer to her terms of use!). [Read more…]

Fall Freebie Paper Pack

Love this simple and cute fall digital paper set made by I Teach. What’s Your Super Power?¬† The paper pack includes: Chevron, Stripes, Polka Dots and Floral. ¬†Even better, this is available for Personal or Commercial Use. [Read more…]

I’ll Love You Forever – Free Printable Wall Art or Pillow Print

[Read more…]

Free Visiting Teaching Printable – October 2013

[Read more…]

Fall is Fabulous Free Printable

I was over at The Tomkat Studio this morning and I came across this REALLY cute fall printable and I am getting fall fever.

Free Fall Wall Art Printable

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