“Love Your State” Free Printables

My good friend Stephanie made these and I am so excited about them!  They are free printables of all the 50 states!  They are 4×6 inches, so they are perfect for project life, scrapbooking, or in a frame as art.  I want to use them for my project life book for my family road trip this summer.  I think it would be fun to print all the states that we visited to go along with those pictures!  This download is for Personal Use Only.

Love Your State Free Printable Wall Art


Download – “Love Your State” Printables (Personal Use Only)

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Free Printable 4x6 States - Perfect for Project Life, Journaling, Scrapbooking, Wall Art, etc!  fabnfree.com


  1. I found your site via Pinterest. Already, I am in love! I will be sharing your site with everybody that I know that does Project Life. Thank you for all of the really adorable freebies!

  2. THANK YOU!! These are awesome and I cannot wait to use them!

  3. These are great! Thanks so much!

  4. Thank you so much for your generous share. I found your website through Pinterest.

  5. These are so cute, thanks so much! I wanted to add my state to a gallery wall I’m doing, and this is perfect! Thank you!

  6. April D Hi! says

    Thank you for the super cute free printables. So, I’m sure it’s user error…but when I download the file and then click on the states I’m only able to view them. I can’t figure out how to actually print them. Would you mind letting me know what I may be doing wrong? Thanks in advance! Can’t wait to add these to our family gallery wall as we’ve all been born in different states. <3

    • I am how tohaving the same problem, I can not print! did you figure out how to make it work??

      • April D, Were you able to figure out how to print these out? I cannot!

        • I was having trouble, too. Figured out if you right click on the zip file and choose “Extract All”, you will get a folder with each image. Choose your state and then you should be able to print it 🙂

  7. Thank you so much, these are great!

  8. Just found you on Pinterest. I’m planning to be on the road in my travel trailer for about five months later this year and was looking at travel journal ideas. Your pics of the states are great. I think I’ll print one for each of the states I plan to visit. Thanks for your hard work in making these and offering them free!

  9. Lisa Hardiman says

    Please send instructions on how to print please 🙂

  10. Found this site via pinterest… these are awesome! Just wondering if you’ll be doing any Canadian provinces, too?

  11. Same problem here…can view but can’t print. Sad news bears. Hope you look at these comments and let us know how to print! Thanks so much!

  12. Are there any of these adorable prints that don’t have that capitals already with hearts?

  13. is this still available for printing?

  14. Hey guys. I found a way to print these. Right click on the file for the state you want. Click ‘copy’, open your Word program and ‘paste’ to a new file there.

  15. Kimberly says

    I just found you on Pinterest and am so excited! Thank you for all the lovelies!

  16. Margaret says

    Any update on how to print???

  17. Love these! Would it be okay if I used these in my classroom?

  18. Can not get to print

    • Click on the link that says “Download – “Love Your State” Printables” and save it to your computer, double click the file to unzip it and it will give you a file with jpeg images that you can print at any photo printing place. Hope that helps!

  19. Stephanie says

    Would LOVE if you’d do this kind of thing for some countries as well. We’ve been living in Ireland and I’d love to do my home state in one frame and Ireland in another. 🙂

  20. Beth chambers says

    I click and click on the download-love your state and nothing happens. Crap.

  21. I cannot print these either. Such a cute find, I hope I will someday be able to use them. Aside from the basic printing steps which I fully know how to do, do you have any suggestions on how to actually print? Thank You

  22. Victoria says

    Hi there. These are gorgeous, thank you so much! I would love to print one for each state my husband and I have lived in, but we met in DC…any chance you’ll have a Washington DC print coming available? Thanks again!

  23. Thank you so much.

  24. Hey y’all! These are too cute, thank you! Can anyone help me? Is there any way to change the colors of the state and background? I am super new to all of this computer imaging. Thanks!

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