My busy month of May + a preview of things that are coming!!

USUALLY every single one of my posts has something free to download… unfortunately this one doesn’t, but I have SOOOO many great things in the works, that I couldn’t wait to share them with you.  I have been SUPER busy this month, but seriously, who isn’t, the end of the school year is alway nuts!!  So in picture form, this is what I have been up to…

First, we celebrated my daughter’s birthday (the one in the pink swimming suit), with a fun day of hiking and catching frogs, followed by roasting hot dogs!  It was a way fun day!

Kaiya's Birthday


Before the birthday, for the birthday… I spent a day making Kaiya (my daughter) an Elsa dress, which LUCKY for you, I am going to be sharing a free pattern and tutorial on how I did it!!  Very soon 🙂


Free Elsa Dress Pattern


The next big item in May was a Bridal Shower that me, my mother, and sister-in-law threw for my soon to be sister-in-law.  That was a lot of fun, but a lot of work too!  You guys are going to love this too, I have designed invitations, games and a beautiful recipe binder that all go together and make an easy throw together, kitchen themed bridal shower!  I will be sharing all of those very soon too!

Kitchen Themed Bridal Shower  //  Recipe for a Happy Marriage  //  Free Printables  //

Kitchen Themed Bridal Shower  //  Recipe Binder  //  Free Printables  //


Next up in May was my Son’s Birthday party… He wanted a “Purple Minion Super Hero Party”, haha, so that what he got.  I don’t have anything much to share from this party, but I was kind of excited about his cake, so I thought I would share that.  I made it with a 8×8 square cake pan and a circle cake pan.  I cut the circle cake in have and just put one of the half circles next to the square cake to make it the minion shape.  I think it would be way cute for a regular yellow minion too.

Easy DIY Purple Minion Cake

Purple Minion Party


The last big thing in May for us was my Brother’s wedding (which I have NO pictures of, I was too busy enjoying not taking pictures!).  But I do have a fun little decoration to share with you.  We put these little notes on the outside of mason jars (dumb me, I don’t have a pic of the finished product).  But on the cute notes, I think my mom purchase them at a Michaels, or somewhere like that, I designed a little monogram for them.  I first printed a template that I made to match the same size as the notes, with the monogram on the template.  then, I simply taped the notes to the template and ran it back through (just printing the monogram on the cards).  TIP: Stick the tape to your hands several times to make it less sticky, so that it doesn’t tear the paper when you take it off.  If I find a picture of the final jars from someone, I’ll post it.

DIY Monogram Notes for Wedding  //


Sorry, that May has been such a sparse month for posts, but I promise I’ll make it up to you with these fun posts coming soon!!

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