“Love” Centered F.H.E. with Free Printables

It has been a hope of mine for a while to start adding weekly Family Home Evening Lesson Plans to the site, and I really inspired by General Conference to just do it!  I am not the best at regular Family Home Evenings in our home, so what a good way to hold my self accountable.  I really enjoyed our Prophet’s talk on “Love”, so I decided to theme my first FHE after his talk.  I may even theme many of my FHE’s around conference talks… so here is my first Family Home Evening Lesson Plan to share:

If you are not LDS and are unfamiliar with Family Home Evening, members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints hold a Family Home Evening every Monday evening with their own family members.  It is a night to grow closer together as a family and to learn from one another.  If you would like to know more about our Church visit Mormon.org 🙂


Topic: “Love”

Opening Song:Love at Home” or “Love One Another

Scripture:  Mark 12: 28-34

Videos:  Talk Given on Love by President Thomas S. Monson at the April 2014 General Conference Session


Alternate Videos:


Family Discussion:

  • What ways can we show love for our neighbors?
  • What ways can we show love for non-members, or inactive members of the Church?
  • What ways can we show love for our extended family members?
  • What ways can we show love for each other?
  • Do we often treat our friends better than our siblings or parents?


Stories you could share:


Activity Ideas:

  • “I Love You…” Cards.  Print these cards, fold along the dotted lines and cut them into heart shapes.  Write notes to family members, neighbors, the elderly, the sick, or anyone that you decide would benefit from them.

"I Love You"  //  Free Printable Heart Shaped Cards  //  fabnfree.com


  • Color Love/Service Coloring Pages from the Friend Magazine (Click on the images to Download/Print)

Free Printable Love and Service Coloring Page  #lds

Free Printable Love and Service Coloring Page  #lds


  • Do a service project, visit a care center, make cookies for a neighbor, etc.

Family Home Evening on Service and Love


  • Mission Secret Service.  I found this Secret Service activity that was made for Activity Days, but I think that it would work really well for this FHE too!  Check it out here.

Secret Service Activity

Secret Service Activity


  • “I Love You” Coloring Page from Squishy Cute Designs.  Young children could color this page for someone they love.

"I Love You" Coloring Page Printable

  • Learn “Love One Another” in Sign Language and perform it for some one.



I hope that these ideas help out with your F.H.E.!  Watch for more, I plan on having them post to my website every Sunday Morning, so check back for more.  Also follow my Family Home Evening Ideas board on Pinterest, or follow ALL of my boards here.

"Love" Centered Family Home Evening Lesson Plan based on Pres. Monson's April 2014 talk on Love  //  fabnfree.com


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    These are so awesome! Thank you so much – would love to see more FHE ideas!!! Hugs!

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