Free Pocket Sized, Daily “Pregnancy Healthy Eating Checklist”

I am pregnant right now, SURPRISE!  Well, actually, I am 25 weeks pregnant, so the surprise is long worn off, BUT… the weight is coming on!  I have been working really hard on controlling the cravings and I made this for myself, hoping that it will help me out.  I thought I would share it with anyone else out there that is pregnant and needing to work on their health like me.  I didn’t want to do anything Calorie related, so I took the recommendations out of a little booklet that I got from my local health department.  **Disclosure!  I don’t know if this is right for everyone, so use at your own discretion.

I made it with a sections to track Vitamins, Sodium (I have problems swelling, so I have to REALLY watch this), food, and fluids.  Enjoy, and let me know what you think. | Pocket Sized Daily Pregnancy Healthy Eating Checklist Free Printable

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