15 Free Knee Length Skirt Patterns & Instructions for Women

I was looking free knee length skirt patterns and I was AMAZED at all the beautiful patterns that I found!  I mean, these are FREE!!!  …and even better than the fact that they are free, they ALSO have included the most amazing tutorial instructions.  This really helps people like me that love to sew, but sewing patterns can confuse me like CRAZY!  If you are like me and need a little added help… Check out *Craftsy!  If you haven’t heard of it, they have some pretty AMAZING courses on sewing.  *Affiliate link, which means that if you purchase, I may receive a small commission.

15 Free Knee Length Skirt Patterns & Instructions for Adult Women. These are AMAZING! Can NOT believe that they are FREE!

Free Knee Length Skirt Patterns:

1.  The Pinwheel Skirt – Free Skirt Tutorial

First in my list is this AWESOME pinwheel skirt by Elle Apparel!  I LOVE this skirt, it has such a fun, unique look to it, but it still looks so classy, clean and simple.  Her step by step instructions are also phenomenal!

Free Knee-Length Pinwheel Skirt Pattern and Tutorial

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2.  The Guilded Skirt – Free Skirt Tutorial

Elle Apparel is just amazing, because this is another one of her free skirt tutorials.  I love the pleating and the simplicity of this design.  I love the color she chose and the outfit as well!  I would love to have this whole entire look for my wardrobe!

Free Skirt Pattern: Pleated, knee length

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I can NOT believe that these are FREE! -- 15 Free Knee Length Skirt Patterns & Tutorials for Women

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  1. Hi I would like to access your free patterns for the skirts. How can I access them?
    Thanks, Tamara

    • fabnfree says

      The links located below each of the images will take you to the original Pattern Designer, where you can find the patterns.

  2. I want to access the purple skirt’s pattern from Divine-A-Line by Sew It All.It keeps asking for a password and stuff … any way to get around that or to join the website so I can see the pattern????
    awesome collection of skirt patterns that you put together by the way 🙂 I can’t wait to attempt a few of them!!!

  3. I too tried the link below the picture. It asks for User and password. How do I get the patterns to these adorable skirts? Thanks. Tona

  4. I would like access to skirt number 1 and 13. Cute collection of skirts.

  5. I googled “sew it all” (dot com address from the sign in box) and found the original website. I was able to find at least one free skirt pattern on the original website (don’t have time right now to look for more!) so maybe others are there.

  6. Cynthia Wright says

    try googling “sew it all” as sign-in box contains that in dot com address

  7. Hi I’m a very beginner at sewing and really like your pattern for taking notes two skirt I was wondering if anybody who has done it would be willing to explain how easy it is?
    Thank you, Kaltyo

  8. did anyone ever figure out what to put for username and password?

  9. Taking notes skirt is NOT free. But I did purchase the pattern anyways! Only $3 which is cheaper than patterns from joanns!

  10. The Taking Notes skirt pattern isn’t free, it costs $2.00 last I checked

  11. If anybody still was looking for the Divine A-Line, here’s a link to the pattern that doesn’t require any login credentials. 🙂


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