Free Recipe Binder in 3 Color Options!

I hope that you are as excited about this free printable as I am!!  I have had this tiny little binder full of recipes for 10 years and it has needed some serious organization for a long time.  So when I was throwing a bridal shower for my soon to be sister-in-law, I thought that a beautifully organized Recipe Binder would make a great gift and I loved it so much that I ended up making one for myself as well.  Here are the before and after pictures…

Organize your recipes all in one place!!  Free Recipe Binder Printables  //


Oh, it is like heaven, having all my recipes all in one place and prettily organized 🙂  Here are the pages that are included in the binder:

Front Cover, Spine & Back Cover

Free Recipe Binder Printables  //


Menu Idea Pages (Last Minute Meal Ideas, 1-3 Hour Meal Ideas, Morning Start Meal Ideas, & Night Before Start Meal Ideas)

These are SOOOO helpful when meal planning!

Write down all your tried and true recipes and where they are located for fast and easy meal planning!  //  Free Recipe Binder Printables  //



4 Page Substitute List & a Kitchen Conversion Page

4 Page Cooking Substitute List and Kitchen Conversions  //  Free Recipe Binder Printables  //


13 Category Divider Pages with Printable Tabs

Free Recipe Binder Printables  //


There are 3 Color Options to choose from too!  Pick the Color you want to download the whole binder!

Free Printable Recipe Binder.  Available in 3 Color Options!  //

Teal & Yellow

Kelly Green & Pink

Pink & Navy

Let me know what you think… I sure hope you love these as much as I do!  Tip: Print them at a Kinkos, UPS Store, Staples, or somewhere like that, it is probably cheaper than on your inkjet 🙂

Jam Packed Free Printable Recipe Binder!!  //


  1. This is great. I have lots of recipes that just kick around.

  2. i will definitely be using these! Thanks 🙂

  3. What a genorous offer, thank you so very much! Can’t wait to get started!

  4. Lara Mikkelsen says

    I have a recipe binder, and love that this will help to define that space even further-thank you!

  5. These are perfect and just what I need. Thank you so much!

  6. Paula Hughes says

    I have been searching for a recipe template, when I ran across your fun design! I am in love with the fonts you used. Did you design them yourself? I would love to buy them from you, if so.

  7. I am trying to download the binder cover but am having difficulty. Can you email it to me?

  8. Tried downloading but the templates won’t open once downloadedd. Would you be able to email them?

  9. Hello my dear, first and foremost, I love these! I am printing these out as I type. May I respectfully request for you to add one thing? I would love to have a temperature conversion chart included. We are americans living out of the country right now, and I cannot find a nice looking conversion to print out.

  10. Taylor Jones says

    LOVE THIS!! It was everything I was looking for!! I was wondering if you could make a holiday tab? Also, could you tell me the font that it is in?


  11. Can you please email these to me? I love them!

  12. Thanx a ton! had been looking for something like this for a while.. but my search finally ends here!

  13. I’m not able to open file once d/l either. Adobe Print says corrupted file from source. Drat! Hopefully she’ll fix so we can begin our recipe binders!

  14. Could you please email these to me as I can’t open any of the files… I would like the green template..
    Thank you! 🙂

  15. I like this idea. Thank you very much for sharing your idea.

  16. i will have to do this for Christmas Gifts!!

  17. Love them but cant print. Please email me also!! 🙂

  18. I love these but cannot download either. Please email to me also.

  19. I love this!! Can you please email the file to me? The teal and yellow pls. Thanks!! It says downloaded but will not open. Thank u

  20. WOW! I found this at the perfect time. I’m making a recipe book for my step-daughter and this was perfect for what I needed. Thank you so much for the FREEBIE. You rock!

  21. Hi! I absolutely love these!! Will you please send me them in an email? I can’t seem to get the link to open it. Thank you so much!

  22. Hi there, I LOVE this template, I am major OCD about having everything organized. Unfortunately I am unable to get the link to download. Are you able to email it to me?

  23. Love this!!! Thank you, thank you!!!!!

  24. Can you email this to me please? It will not open.

  25. I love these. They would be just great for documenting my grandmother’s recipes. I can’t download them though. Could you please send to my email address. Thank you so much.

  26. Robin Brown says

    I love these! I seem to be having trouble downloading te pink and blue one. Is there anyway this could be emailed to me? Thank you!

    Robin Brown

  27. These are amazing! Mine printed perfectly for me too. Question – any chance you could do a front cover exactly like the recipes one in teal & yellow, but have it say Baking ? I have a ton of baking recipes, so I do a separate binder for those. I would love to have them match, (is that OCD? Lol)

  28. I absolutely love this! I am also having trouble getting it to open. I’m trying the pink and it will not open any way I try. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you so much!

  29. These are amazing. I’d like to make them for my sons. One is graduating this spring, and the other just got his first apartment. Would you have anything like this but more masculine? Even the same, in colors like gray/ red/ black?

  30. Will you please email to me too? I love them but can not get them to open.

  31. I also love these but have been unable to open or download. Could you please email the tealand yellow ones to me?

    Many many thanks

  32. I absolutely love this! I would love to take advantage of the blank tabs but I want the font to be the same. What font did you use for this?

  33. thanks so much for these beauties!!!

  34. SORRY! I haven’t responded to a lot of comments the last little bit. There is a little confusion where to download. The links to download are simply the links that have the colors (just pick the color you want). Teal & Yellow, Kelly Green & Pink, or Pink & Navy. I have tested the links and they seem to be working. Thanks!!

  35. I cannot get the link to open after I download it. It just keeps downloading the same link multiple times over and over when ever I click on “open.” Any suggestions on what I’m doing wrong or how to fix this would be greatly appreciated!

  36. Thank you for this beautiful project! I downloaded one for my daughter, who is using it to complete her Cooking badge for American Heritage Girls, and one for myself.

  37. Ladies…DO NOT CLICK where it says START DOWNLOAD. The links to download are simply the links that have the colors (just pick the color you want). Teal & Yellow, Kelly Green & Pink, or Pink & Navy. Once you have the file of your choice downloaded, you CANNOT open it unless you have a program installed on your PC that allows you to open a ZIP file. You can get a trial version of WinZip here. OR Open Source (free) 7-Zip here, Once you have WinZip OR 7-Zip installed on your PC, then you can click on your Recipe Zip file and have it ‘extract’ to where you choose to save it. It will create a folder at that location called – ‘FabNFree-TealYellow-RecipeBinder-FreePrintables’, (or the name of whichever color you chose). Inside the folder will be all the PDF files for these lovely printable’s. I hope this helps the ones that were having trouble opening the file once downloaded. Thanks so much Carolynn for these wonderful freebies!!

  38. I have downloaded these and they are working great! I love the font and would like to use it for the blank divider and other things. Are you selling the font, or did you get it somewhere that you could refer me to?

  39. I’m absolutely in love with these fonts. Can you tell me what fonts are used and if so are they for sale??!

  40. Brittany Poventud says

    I was wondering if you had more color options or can tell us how to change the colors? I’d like to do a black & red theme to my recipe book.

  41. I love these! My grandmother has recently passed away and she has a cook book that we are trying to preserve and make copies of but i need these printables. I am having trouble getting them printed, is there any way that you can email them to me please. My family would be much obliged and very happy.

  42. Holly Jones says

    Hello, I love this template, I downloaded and saved, but only the front cover shows up. May you kindly email them to me as well? 🙂

  43. I love this!! Mine seemed to download fine but only the cover, back, and spine parts are able to be opened. Can you email them to me? I see a lot of people asking that, I chose the pink and navy one. Please and thank you so so much! 🙂

  44. Where did you get the page divider tabs? They seem to be quite large for your typical tab you find at the store. I could be wrong. Thank you in advance

  45. Amanda Richardson says

    I was wanting to make some more of the sheets and was using the blank sheets. What font is this? I love it!

  46. Is this for a full size binder or half-size? Also, do you have matching recipe pages? Like blank pages to write in the specific recipes? I want to hand them out to my grandmothers and mother to fill in family recipes.

  47. Paula Adams Williams says

    This is the Thanks so much for sharing.

  48. Love, love, love these! I am having a hard time opening as well. Would you please email me the pink & navy one? Thanks so much!

  49. What font did you use for the titles/ cover page? And where did you find it? Thanks! Super Cute!

  50. Elizabeth says

    Can you please email to me? I can’t get anything to open either. Thank you!

  51. Patricia Diaz says

    I cannot open the file..can you please email me them

  52. If anyone is still looking the font is Taiga and it isn’t free. But it is gorgeous!!

  53. Claudine says

    Hi sorry can’t open either, could you plz email it to me to. Thank you so much this is lovely

  54. I can’t seem to get the pink to open up. Would you please email it to me, along with the blue and yellow?

  55. Lindsay Verdoodt says

    Hi, I think they are super gorgeous. But, just like everyone here, I am unable to open them. If it wouldn’t be to much trouble, could you mail it to me as well. Have never seen such beautiful ones. I was thinking about the team and yellow collection. ???? Thank you very much.

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