20 Free Menu Planner Printables

1.  Weekly Menu Planner by Fab N’ Free

I have made a super simple black and white Weekly Printable planner for you!  It is black and white for ink saving :)

Fab N Free: Free Weekly Menu Planner PrintableDownload


2.  Printable Menu Plan + Shopping List by Craft, Sew, Create

I like this menu because it is simple, cute and I really like the sectioned grocery list.

Free Menu Planner with Grocery Shopping List



3.  Weekly Meal Planner by heartmade

I like this menu because it is simple, cute and I really like the sectioned grocery list.

Free Weekly Meal Planner



4.  Owl Weekly Meal Planner by seven thirty three

This Meal planner has a cute owl theme.  She even has a cover to go with it, so that you can make it into a book for the whole year!

Free Owl Weekly Meal Planner



5.  COOK THIS by scrimpalicious

This Free Menu Planner is really cool because it is SO detailed.  This one would make planning and shopping a breeze.

Cook This Weekly Menu Planner



6.  Menu Planner by Ollibird

I love this Free Menu Planner, it is cute and simple.

Pots and Pans Free Week Menu Planner



7.  Menu Planner by Ollibird

This is another fun Menu Planning Sheet from Ollibird, but this one has a place for expiring food and still needed.

Orange Free Weekly Menu Plan Sheet



8.  Menu Board by Creative Index

Creative Index has made 2 nice versions of this simple menu planner.

What's For Dinner?  Free Menu Week Planner



9.  Mini Menus by Lovely Little Snippets

I love these, because they are just cute, mini (4×6) Menus to hang on your refrigerator.

Small Menu PlannerDownload


10.  Grocery List by A Feathered Nest

This is a Colorful, Whimsical free Menu and Grocery Planner.

Free Grocery and Menu Planning ListDownload


11.  Meal Planner by Future Girl

This free meal planner is awesome!  I love how unique it is.  It has a columns for the meal, needs, and notes.

Free Unique Meal PlannerDownload


12.  This Week’s Menu by Smitten Blog Designs

I really love this quatrefoil patterned free menu planner.  It is really simple and sophisticated.

This Week's Menu Planner - FreeDownload


13.  This Week’s Menu by Smitten Blog Designs

This is another cute free Weekly Menu planner by Smitten Blog Designs.  I really like the yellow and teal colors.

Free Weekly Menu PlannerDownload


14.  14 Customizable Menu Planners by Money Saving Mom

These planners are so great!  They are all customizable PDFs, so you can open them in Adobe Reader, type in the fields, then print them out.  She also has 14 types to choose from, how practical is that!

14 Free Customizable Menu PlannersDownload


15.  Printable Menu Planner by Eat at Home

I like this nice and simple Daily Menu Plan with a grocery list.



16.  Weekly Menu by Blackbery Jelly

I like the fun cloud design of this free menu planner.

Free Weekly Menu PlannerDownload


17.  Menu Planning Form by The Project Girl

This free planner is really nice.  It has space for Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner and the grocery list is categorized for quick shopping.

Free Meal Planner: Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner



18.  Menu Planner by Super Organiser Mum

This cute simple planner, is available in 5 colors (pink, lemon, turquoise, biscuit, and periwinkle).

Free Weekly Menu Planner



19.  Weekly Menu Planner by Organized Home

This cute simple planner, is available in 5 colors (pink, lemon, turquoise, biscuit, periwinkle).

Free Menu Planner with a ListDownload


20.  Weekly Menu Plan by Mommy Hates Cooking

This cute simple planner, is available in 5 colors (pink, lemon, turquoise, biscuit, periwinkle).

Free Menu Plan





Here are some ideas for using your free menu planners:

Put it into a frame to use as a Dry Erase Board. 

Dry Erase Menu Planner

Idea & Photo Credit: Smitten Blog Designs


Put it on a pretty Clipboard

Free Weekly Menu Planner

Idea & Photo Credit: Lovely Living


Put it in a Plastic Sleeve with Magnets to Put on your Refrigerator.

Menu Plan Holder

Idea & Photo Credit: Lovely Little Snippets

Print 52 Copies and Bind them for a years worth of Menu Planning.

Free Owl Weekly Meal Planner

Idea & Photo Credit: Seven Thirty Three


  1. Great compilation! Thanks for sharing my owl weekly planner. :)

  2. Awesome list…it just kept going! Can’t wait to print them out and start planning! Woot!

  3. This is JUST what I’ve been looking for — thank you. These designs are all so cute. Now I have to decide which to use … Maybe I’ll rotate … Thanks for helping me with my new foray into actual meal planning!

  4. Christinky says:

    LOVE them ALL thanks so much I looked forever at ugly planners and here’s where all the cute one’s have been hiding! ;-D

  5. Thank you for posting, it’s great to have options. Plus this saved me a lot of time and head racking on putting my own together. Love it!

  6. Karen Love says:

    Great posts. Something for everyone. I will definitely be using these. Just got back from a business trip to Poland. Great tool to see what is on hand, plan the menu and generate items on the list. Time saver! Thank you!! Love the Owl planner.

  7. leila at ChocolateNeeded.com says:

    What a fantastic list! Thanks for doing all the work to gather these free menu planner printables in one spot. I get bored so it’s great to have so many options. I linked to it on my site – hope that’s ok! Thanks again!

  8. What a great compilation of planners. Something for everyone. I easily found the one I was looking for. Thanks!!

  9. JoAnne Patterson says:

    These are so great, I do not know which to choose from!

  10. Hi! Love this page and I included a link to it in my latest post. Thanks for sharing and have a fantastic week ahead.

  11. Elizabeth Oliver says:

    Thanks for these great ideas! Do you know of any planners that only list the breakfast and dinner areas for those working moms that are not at home for the lunch time? Thank you!

  12. Crystal says:

    These are super cute! If anyone is looking to go digital, I really like this free online weekly meal planner: http://spoonacular.com/weekly-meal-planner Maybe this is something you could share on your blog? It’s really helping me save time and money since I don’t wander the aisles, buy impulsively, or waste food so long as I’m armed with a solid plan for the week :)

  13. absolutely fabulous templates. So cute.

  14. Thank you!

  15. On the very first meal planner on this page that is in black and white, what font did you use for the heading and the subsequent sunday-saturday letters? I love how simple and clean it is, but im trying to make a matching cleaning schedule for myself. Thank you!


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