A Christ Centered Easter // Why my family has asked the Easter Bunny NOT to come on Sunday…

How do you feel about holidays lately???

I’m feeling SO torn!  I feel like the MEANING of the Holidays are getting lost in all of the THINGS that we are doing.  Yes, the Easter Bunny has been around forever, and yes, the elves have been part of the Santa story forever, BUT, I am feeling overwhelmed as a mom!  I am trying to keep up with leprechaun traps, elf on the shelf, and who knows what is next.  Don’t get me wrong, I am TORN!  I LOVE making holidays fun, especially for my children and I will probably always go overboard in one way or the other.  But do we REALLY need to be giving GIFTS on every Holiday??  Do we NEED a NEW tradition to be added EVERY year??? 

I am worried that for my family, the true meanings of the Holidays are getting LOST, because we are doing TOO much.  What are your thoughts?? Has it been too much?? or are you loving it?? Do the “extra” things ADD to the specialness of your Holidays??  I would LOVE to know!!! **please comment your ideas and thoughts!!!

THIS YEAR, Matt and I have decided that for OUR family, we want to take a look at each important Holiday, and take it back a bit, we want to help our kids learn and understand the true meaning of the Holiday, starting with EASTER.  We really want to have a more Christ Centered Easter.

With the church (the LDS Church), really emphasizing the IMPORTANCE of keeping the Sabbath Day Holy, we decided that maybe the Easter Bunny was taking away from the special day, more than adding.  Why??  1. CANDY!  Let’s be honest here, candy brings out the WORST in my kids.  It’s not just the sugar high, it is the WANTING more than I will let them eat, AND the arguments of who got more AND the sugar high from the kid that stuffed their face before I had a chance to get the candy away from them…   2. THE HUNT.  The hunt is fun… I just don’t like the DISAPPOINTMENT that comes when the hunt is over.  Does your house get super SAD when the hunt is over, or when the Christmas Presents have all been unwrapped?!?  Mine does and it is always a challenge to bring the mood back up after the CRASH.  My kids are still very young though, so that could have a lot to do with it.

What are we going to do about it???

My husband and I have really wanted to get rid of the hunt for years, but we UNDERSTAND how disappointing that would be and then we would ALSO have a lot of explaining to do because ALL 4 of our kids still believe in the Easter Bunny, Santa, etc. (THANKFULLY, I will be sad when they don’t!).

We are STILL going to have a hunt, BUT our family (kids included), have written the Easter Bunny a very nice, thoughtful letter, kindly asking if the Easter Bunny wouldn’t mind coming to visit us on SATURDAY instead of Sunday.  I have no clue if this will make our Easter BETTER, but it is worth a shot.  I’ll keep you updated!!

Looking for a Christ Centered Easter?? Our family just wrote and signed a letter to the Easter Bunny asking him NOT to come on Easter. Read my post to find out why!

Our family just wrote and signed a letter to the Easter Bunny asking him NOT to come on Easter. Read my post to find out why!

Our family just wrote and signed a letter to the Easter Bunny asking him NOT to come on Easter. Read my post to find out why!

The Letter Reads:

Dear Easter Bunny,

Easter is a very special Holiday in our home, that we love to celebrate every year! We look forward to celebrating and remembering the life and teachings of our Savior, Jesus Christ! We also really look forward to the Easter Egg Hunt that you bring to our home every year! This year, as a family, we have decided that we would like to keep Sunday more about Jesus Christ and less about candy. We still really, really would like you to come visit us!! Would you mind coming on Saturday this year instead of Sunday?


PS– Thank you for all of the fun & cheer that you spread every year!!

Our family just wrote and signed a letter to the Easter Bunny asking him NOT to come on Easter. Read my post to find out why!

I have made this letter into a Free Printable for anyone who would like to try this with their families!  If you do, I would LOVE to know about your experience with it.  I have also included 2 blank versions of the letters.  Each can be downloaded underneath the images.

Have you ever wanted a more Christ Centered Easter? We just asked the Easter Bunny to NOT come on Sunday, but to instead come on Saturday so that Sunday can be more about Jesus Christ!! Come by my blog and get this free printable letter to the Easter Bunny, or get a BLANK letter, so you can write your own!

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Do you have something to say to the Easter Bunny? THANK YOU, or for US, we are asking him politely to visit us on Saturday INSTEAD of Sunday, so that our Easter Sunday can be more special and more about our Savior.

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Use this FREE printable to write a note, letter or anything you can think of!! I love the pretty spring flowers.

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  1. I think this is a fun idea, and honestly helps everyone enjoy the weekend a bit more splitting it between the two days. It is beautiful as well! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thank you for writing this post! I totally felt like this lately about the holidays. It seems like it’s all about the candy and presents and it shouldn’t be that way. I want to teach my kids about the true meaning as well. Thank you for sharing.

    • Thanks for the encouragement!! Our Sunday was much more Peaceful than in years past. It wasn’t life changing, lol! But it helped with the spirit of the Holiday and we had a nice Easter lesson that I hope will stick 🙂

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