Free Bountiful Temple Images and Quote

Wow, it has been forever!!!  I’m sorry about my 3 month break!  Pretty much all of my attention has been engaged with our new Branches business.  We had no idea that it would take off as quickly (and of course we are so GRATEFUL for that!).  Now Matt (my husband) has left his old job and is working from home with me, and I cannot thank you enough for the support of this blog and for the support behind our new business.  With that said, hopefully with Matt home, I will have more time to get back working on some awesome new freebies for you!!

Free LDS Temple Image of the Bountiful, Utah Temple

The first one that I have for you is hopefully the beginning of MANY free temple images.  This idea started because I was looking for a free image of the Manti Temple to hang on my wall for my family collage and honestly, I didn’t love the free collection out there, so I thought others might be looking for free temple images too!

So here are a few free pictures of the Bountiful, Utah Temple and if you like them, I will try to do some more.  The Temple images are 8×10 (or they could be printed smaller).

I also put a nice Family History/Temple Work quote on one of them for you that would be nice Visiting Teaching gifts, or to use for Social Media Sharing!  There is a 5×7, 4×6, and a square version (for instagram).  Feel free to use these images for Personal Use.

Free LDS Temple Image of the Bountiful, Utah Temple


  • Free to use for PERSONAL USE (Print, hang in home)
  • Do NOT Sell or use for Profit.
  • Free to use to make Visiting Teaching Handouts, or other church purposes (Ward Bulletins, Lesson Plans, etc.).


Free LDS Temple Images of the Bountiful, Utah Temple.  Perfect for printing and hanging in your home!  #free #printable

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