Free The Lie Monster- Family Night

I found this family night printable over at Mormon Mommy Blogs and was so excited because I have one that just doesn’t understand the troubles of lying.  I printed it out and we had this lesson for our family night last night and it went over so wonderfully.  All of the kids got so excited about talking about ways to do better.  Enjoy!

The Lie Monster

 :: Take me to the download::


  1. Diane Graham says

    The download for the Lie Monster doesn’t work can you send me a link to the story please?

  2. Hey any chance you have a copy of the Lie Monster story. Can’t find it anywhere online and don’t have the 1978 FHE Resource Manual. Thanks!

  3. Kathleen R. says

    Hi, I was wondering if you still had this printable somewhere that could be shared. I am a teacher and will be teaching this lesson to my class on Wednesday! Thank you!

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