Free Printable Birthday Postcard Puzzle: “I’m So Glad You Were Born”

I'm So Glad You Were Born -

I ran across this freebie, and I am just dying to do it for someone, what a cute idea!  There are 25 printable postcards that piece together to create a poster that says “I’m So Glad You Were Born”.  On each postcard, you simply write different reasons why you were glad that they were born.  This awesome free printable is available over at Oh Happy Day.

Send 25 Postcards that create a Poster that says I'm so glad you were born.  On each postcard, write a reason why you were glad they were born.

I'm So Glad You Were Born - 25 free printable postcards... write a reason that you were glad someone was born on each card, send them to them and they piece together to make a poster.


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