Free Christmas Advent Calendar Printable with Tutorial

I love this DIY Christmas Avent Calendar by Makoodle, it is cute, simple and would be an easy project to do with the kids.

Free Christmas Advent Calendar Printable

:: Take me to the Free Download and Tutorial ::


  1. Can I ask where you got all the adorable magnet containers?

  2. Mary Ellen says

    I would like to know as well. Those are really cute

  3. Did anyone get an answer if where to find these containers? Also the tutorial is not pulling up for me…

  4. You can get these tins from David’s Tea!!!

  5. Wilton party favor tins found at joanns online and in store. Other craft stores probably carry them as well.

  6. try IKEA!

  7. you can find those tins at Michael’s, usually in the wedding section. They are favor tins.

    • Not any more in round and they also want you to purchase a case. I hear Dollar Tree has them in the wedding section but neither of our stores have them. Don’t have an Ikea.

  8. I am in love with this!!

  9. You can also purchase the containers at I bought some last year.

    • They are plastic, not tins. I just ordered them although their ratings weren’t very good, I think they will work great for one time opening and closing. Where if they are using them for other things to open and close sounds like they are poorly made.

  10. the link to the printouts & tutorial is not working. When clicked on it takes you to a blank page…

  11. You can buy watchmaker tins like this through Lee Valley as well. They have a clear top, but would work as well.,43326,44948

  12. I picked up red, green, white and silver ones from Michael’s. $1.50 each.

  13. I bought the tins in a 25 pack (perfect, right!) through They were about $18.

  14. Hi Everyone,
    I love this idea and would like to make it for Christmas but I’m having trouble downloading the printable material, can someone help me or email it to me?
    Much appreciated.

  15. What was the link for the containers on Amazon? Couldn’t see that great deal.

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