Free Monster Bib Pattern with Tutorial


I ran across this cute free pattern from Stubbornly Crafty the other day.  It would be a really fun gift to make, especially around Halloween time 🙂

Monster Bib Free Pattern and Tutorial

:: Take me to the Free Pattern Download ::


  1. Hello! The Monster Bibs are adorable….I’m not seeing how to get to the pattern…can you help? Thank you so much! 🙂

    • Oh HEAVENS! Thanks Joy for the heads up, I left the link off. It is there now 🙂 Click where it says “Take me to the Free Pattern Download”

      • Is the website down for good? Is this pattern still available? I just bought all my fabrics to make them!!

        • Samantha says

          Lori – I just downloaded the PDF pattern about a week ago. I can email it to you if you would like. I had started my first bib and was coming back on the re-read her tutorial and noticed there is a technical error.

          • Hi Samantha, could you please email it to me too. My daughter loves little monsters.

          • Hi Samantha,
            Would you be able to e-mail me the pattern as well? I have a friend due with her first little one in July and would love to make 1 or 2 of these for her little man 🙂


          • Hi Samantha,
            I was wondering if you would e-mail me the pattern also.

          • Hi,
            I to would like the pattern to the monster bibs. I am unable to download it. Thx.

          • Charlotte Janes says

            Hello, I love these bibs. Could someone send me the pattern? I would really appreciate it. Thanks

          • Would you please email the pattern I love this style of bib
            Thank You

          • Jan Brummett says

            Hi…I would love to have this pattern if you can still e-mail it..your very nice to be doing this..thank you

          • I would love love love it if you could email the pattern to me too! Thanks! Sandi

          • Samantha, would it be possible to email me the pattern as well? I have been trying to find it everywhere but they all link back to the same site and it is no longer there. 🙁 Have been wanting to make these for quite some time!

          • Anita Meriwether says

            can someone please send the pattern/directions to me too?
            I am expecting my first grandchild and we will be surprised with the sex at birth so these monster bibs are perfect!

          • I know you’ve probably been inundated with requests, but if it’s possible to also get a copy of this pattern, I would really appreciate it!

          • Hello,

            when I click on the link, an empty website opens. Would you please be so kind an send me se pattern, as well? Thank you so much!

          • Hello,

            Would you please send me se pattern, as well? My doughtier loves monsters.
            Thanks a lot!

        • Good morning, if possible, I would love to have the pattern as well – so bummed to get the technical error and my sis-in-law fell in love with these for her son due in June! Thanks if you can help 🙂

      • Collette says

        Could you please email to me? Thanks very much

      • Kelly Duke says

        hello just wondering if you can email the pattern to me this looks so cute I would love to make them

  2. Awesome! Thank you! 🙂

  3. Thank you so much for the pattern and cute idea. I saw some bibs in a special baby shop with nice fabric and a ruffle, similar pattern for $18.
    yikes! I better get sewing.

  4. Cathy Jo says

    Lisa, I love these and have a baby shower gift to make by the end of April! I couldn’t get the pattern to download. Any suggestions! Thank you!

  5. I clicked on the pattern link and it goes to a blank page. Did the other lady take down her post and pattern?

  6. The pattern isn’t very accurate. I made a prototype of this bib and it wasn’t the best.

  7. I made your Monster bib last night. It took me some time to figure it out as I haven’t sewn in YEARS but I did it. It turned out really cute and I have figured out how to stream line the process and can’t wait to make more. My new grandson who will be born next week is going to look adorable wearing these! Thank you!!

  8. I am not able to get the pattern from the link.
    Sounds like you’re able to email it?
    They’re so cute, I would love to make one.
    Could you send it to me?

  9. Hi, cool idea!! My sin is 6 months old and I am about to start giving him the real food. Coul you please email me the patten, none of the links work any more. Thank you a million!

  10. Could I please be sent the pattern as well? I’ve been trying everything to get it but nothing works! Thanks! 🙂

  11. I see the link isn’t working but would love to try this. How can I get the pattern?

  12. I was unable to access link to the pattern. Could you please send it to me. Thank you so much for sharing! They are adorable. Will make such cut gifts.

  13. I tried leaving a reply stating that I would send you all a copy of the template and I added my email address but it wouldn’t post because it has personal information in it… Which is weird because one of the comments has an email address in it. I did send her a copy of the template.
    I wish I could just attach the template into the comments here.

  14. Can someone PLEASE send me the pattern. I LOVE these.
    I am spacing my email so it will post.
    it’s lisame @ gmail .com

  15. I would like the pattern also

  16. I would really like to make a few of these for my sister baby shower. Could someone send me the pattern/ tutorial. Thanks

  17. I love these bibs and would love to make some. If possible could someone send me the pattern/link to the tutorial?? Thanks.

  18. I would also like this pattern. =)

  19. This pattern is so adorable! My grandchild is due soon and I also sew for the women’s shelter. I too would also like this pattern. =)

  20. Would you please email me the pattern for these adorable bibs. Our new grandson is due in July and I would love to include these in a shower gift package. Thanks.

  21. Anna Bertran Mateu says

    I was unable to access link to the pattern. Could you please send it to me. Thank you so much for sharing! They are adorable

  22. Charmayne says

    This is the cutest pattern ever. I have a nephew coming soon and would love to sew him some monster bibs. Could someone send me this pattern too? =)

  23. Tamara Potts says

    I am also looking for this pattern PLEASE! PLEASE!

  24. Dorien Eyckmans says

    Can someone please email the pattern? I can’t acces it. Thanks a lot

  25. Cute bibs. Kindly email me the pattern. Cant find the pattern on the link.


  26. Hi I just tried to dowload the pattern where it says & it does not go to the link can someone please send me the pattern.
    Thank you

  27. Ive tried the link for the monster bib repeatedly w/o luck. Would you please send me a copy of the monster bib, too? I’d be so grateful! Thank-you!!!!

  28. Hi, I’m joining the club… can you send me the pattern, too?


  29. Vickie Shawver says

    I tired to click on the link to get the pattern for the monster bibs and was not able to do so. Can you please send me the pattern?

  30. Elaine Simpson says

    Please add me to your list, I would love to get this pattern, too. Thanks

  31. Hi! I am not able to download the pattern as well. I would be very glad if someone send it to me too 🙂

  32. May I please have the pattern emailed to me as well? I have two family babies coming this next month and would love to make these for them 🙂

  33. Hilarie Sullivan says

    Here’s the current link for the monster bibs by Stubbornly Crafty:

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