First-Day-of-School Interviews for Kids. Free Printables!

I ran across these cute printables on Pinterest today!  They are First-Day-of-School Interviews for Kids, made by Positively Splendid.  These would be perfect for teachers OR parents.  She has print outs for every grade from Preschool, all the way up to 12th grade!  My daughter will be starting Preschool this year and this would be a really fun tradition to start!

First-Day-of-School Interviews for Kids (Free Printables)


  1. Can’t figure out how to download these…..please help!

  2. you have to click on the positively splendid link up above!

  3. rebecca at thisfineday says

    What a great idea. I have one daughter just starting preschool and another just starting kinder. The timing on this find is perfect. Thank you!

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