Free Printable Chore Reward Tickets

I was doing a little freebie searching the other day and I ran across this freebie from Mom Advice.  I loved the idea of punching a card when chores were complete and giving a reward at the end.  I tried her card, but it wasn’t quite right for my little family because my daughter is only 4 and I decided that it would be fun to have her get a punch for doing lots of little chores, like getting dressed, brushing her teeth etc.  So I did one with a few more punches and no timeline (a little easier for us).

Fab N Free: Chore Reward Ticket Printable


So how do we use this in our house?  My daughter gets a ticket and she gets a punch for doing things like Getting Dressed, Brushing Teeth, Eating all of her meal, helping me with emptying the dishwasher, helping with laundry, and the list goes on.  When she completes a ticket, she can have  1 on 1 time with mommy, play the computer for an hour, or watch a show on Netflix.  I love it because she is always asking what she can do to get a punch and she sees the immediate reward for making good choices and helping.  Oh, and if there is any whining during the chore/task, she does not get a punch. I hope you enjoy the download, and thank you Mom Advice for inspiring this!!  Get your free download below.

Freebie: Chore Reward Ticket Printable




Inspiration by Mom Advice

Vintage Ticket graphic used from The Graphics Fairy

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