You’ve Been Egged! A free printable…

I am so excited about this printable.  I ran across Jacqueline’s blog, Living a Redeemed Life, and she posted about their “Operation: You’ve been egged!”  I loved the idea so much, that I asked her if I could make a free printable to share.  I hope that you participate, I know that I will be doing it this year!  Please check out Jacqueline’s Blog, she has a lot of other great stuff over there too!

This is how it works, print one of these out (download is located below the pictures), and hide 12 filled eggs in a friend or neighbor’s yard (make sure to leave one empty), and tape the printable to their door.  It would be perfect for a Family Home Evening night near Easter time, what a good reminder of what Easter is all about.

Free Printable: You've Been Egged

Free Easter Family Home Evening Printable

Free Easter Printable



Free Easter Printable: You've Been Egged

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  1. This is a lovely idea but also I wanted to point out that ’emtpy’ is misspelt.

  2. I love this! We will definitely be participating this year! FYI, “empty” is spelled wrong on the printable!

  3. Thanks for the idea. I’m going to use it at our school for the class when they return from break!

  4. I love this! and I loved it so much that I shared it on my blog with one pic and several links back. Thank you for the great printable.

  5. Spencer Coleman says

    Someone left this in my yard without any name, affiliation or anything. It has freaked my family out! We’re not religious, do not have religious friends and don’t find this amusing to say the least! If you’re going to encourage people to trespass on complete stranger’s property and leave this unsolicited and unwanted sign and eggs, you should advise them to leave their name or something identifying who they are and why they left it. The police literally left my house 30 minutes ago after I took out a report because I thought some psychopath was stalking my family (which still might be the case). Then I decided to do a google search and found this. You must not encourage people to do this anonymously. I not only am not amused, but now my entire family is on high alert because we have absolutely no idea of what or who we’re dealing with!

    • I think that someone just wanted to wish you a “Happy Easter” I’m surprised that you took it as a threat. I think you need to lighten up and realize there are lots of things to fear in this world but a note and a couple of plastic eggs aren’t one of them.

    • You seriously contacted the police about this?? Paranoid much? I mean really. It was obviously a church group of some kind, probably as an outreach. You are right that they should have included a name so that (obviously not a not wit like you) you would know what church to join for Easter.

      Your rediculousness aside, this would be a great way to reach out to people in your community.

    • debR rachal says

      Really! ?

    • No where on this post did she encourage people to do this to complete strangers. Calm down. God forbid, someone was just trying to brighten your day. Im not one to push religion on anyone, but it sounds like you and your family could use a little enlightening.

    • Did you call the cops when you got “boo’d” at halloween? Or when tiny children dressed as goblins trespassed on your property and demanded you give them candy?

    • WOW … I bet the police just loved that call. Really, shame on you for making this into something it isn’t. I feel bad for your family… You put them on high alert over another persons act of kindness.

    • Jamie Lilly says

      I wish I knew how to screen shot your comment so I could post it on FB and maybe make it go viral. My husband and I had a good laugh when we thought of the entire process of events Step 1: Church member thinks your family is great and would enjoy a free Easter egg hunt at their expense and effort. Step 2: Church member lovingly packages candy into eggs and plans the intrusion onto you premises and delivers the goods. Step 3: Church member leaves feeling pleased that they were able to brighten someone else’s day and provide a service of love and kindness. Step 4: You call the police in a rant about someone stalking your home and family with plastic eggs filled with delicious candy and kindness. Step 5: Hours of wasted police time searching for perpetrator AKA church member. Step 6: Phone call later from dear friend asking if you received anything special. Step 7: Introspection and realization of over reaction. Step 8: Manhunt canceled. Thanks for the fun evening… now to look up how to do screen shot.

    • Yeah. My first thought when I saw this was that the intention was sweet, but the suggestion to use it with a neighbor was misguided, unless “neighbor” meant “friend or relative who was given a heads-up that you will be sneaking around in application of the yard after dark”.

      I wasn’t going to say anything until I saw your comment, and all the mean-spirited, nasty, tribal things people had to say to someone for having the TEMERITY to be frightened over someone sneaking around your property.

      What do you want to bet that if an atheist stuck a “Maybe there’s no God, so enjoy your spring fertility rite” sign in someone’s yard at night, they wouldn’t be so judgmental if the recipient was scared displeased? C’Mon people, a little aopli golden rule won’t kill you!

      • Oops! That should be “*application of the* golden rule”.

      • Oh, application got moved. It should be sneaking around in *their* yard. Yay typos!

      • Just MAYBE the person who put this suggestion up, and those who have followed it, actually live in an area where neighbor also means friend. Obviously you and Spencer Coleman live in a place where that is not at all the case nor do you want it to be. “Sneaking around and trespassing”????? Yes, we definitely live in different worlds. Just HOW hidden were these eggs that it would mean a person was totally sneaking around and trespassing??? It is not fare for people on here to assume that you both live in the same kind of neighborhood as the rest of us but it is also not fare to assume that the blog owner is out to get everyone and scare them to death. I would love a follow up from Spencer as to whether or not the police found anything? We still don’t know who broke into our vehicle and busted out the window. I would love to have these police of Spencers come on out here and help us out. No joke.

    • I don’t think it was intended to freak you out. More than likely just a local church reaching out, but yes, they should have put a name on the back. It could have very well been an acquaintance who wanted to share Jesus with you, with good intentions. I plan on using this with my neighbors….but we all go to the same church and all believe that Jesus has Risen! I would never do this to someone I didn’t know or who I had not approached about the Gospel to start with.

    • Your former neighbor says

      Wow @ Spencer Coleman. Really?! Did you not notice that EVERY yard in the neighborhood got “egged” that year? I spent the entire week egging 3-4 houses per day with my (at the time) 2 & 4 year old daughters, in broad daylight, while walking our German Shepherd puppy. Hardly threatening. I was one year cancer free in 2013, and celebrating Easter in a big way with my girls, trying to teach them to do kind things for others, the real meaning of Easter, how to share what we believe in age appropriate ways, and how how to bless others to show our gratitude for the blessings we’ve received. I guess you were also threatened by the Jelly Bean prayer gift we left you and the other neighbors. Did you call the city police for that too? You should have just called my ex – his cruiser was parked across the street! The girls & I moved out later in 2013 due to a domestic abuse situation, so you won’t have to worry about us “threatening” you anymore. We will be blessing others in our current neighborhood.

  6. LOVE THIS! Going to do it to many neighbors! I would like to make the sign a giant yard sign but I can’t seem to find the font you used for EGGED-can you share so that I can create this sign on a larger scale!

  7. Lisa Jeppson says

    it won’t let me read the blog without an invite Not sure how to get one. I would like to read the details if you could email them to me that would be great. Thanks.

  8. Thanks for the free download! I’m using this super cute idea for our church! We’re starting on 3/24 and hoping to pass it to our whole congregation by Easter. Super cute!

  9. Corrie Cummins says

    @Spencer, I’m sorry that this freaked you out. And it’s really sad that we live in the kind of world where we don’t trust gifts left kindness in our yards. But, I’m really sorry that people on here have found a need to openly mock that and you, especially since this is an Easter project.

  10. Lindsay Loucks says

    @Spencer, I’m sorry for the harsh and unloving words towards you on this site regarding your response to being egged. I am sorry this was not a blessing to you and your family, but instead stirred up fear. Surely this wasn’t the intent of the egger, but I will be signing my “egging” with my address in my neighborhood. I appreciate your warning as it could be concerning to others as well.

  11. Thanks for the printable! Just egged 12 neighbors (our neighborhood digs this sort of thing). Didn’t read all the bru-ha-ha about taking credit for the egging before we set out, and we didn’t sign our egg. Shortly after we got home I received a text asking if we were responsible. One of our 4 year old little friends figured it was us saying, “I bet it was the Browns; they know a lot about Jesus”.

    • What a wonderful outlook of your family from a 4 year old! I would hope the “knowledge of knowing Jesus” would come from my family! That’s just beautiful!

  12. My kids are setting out to do this this morning in our development to 11 houses. We will be signing our names, mostly because my kids want the kids to know who egged them. 🙂 They are beyond excited to do this for their friends! SO happy I found this link on Pinterest.

  13. it is very sad that there has been so much negativity with regard to this activity. We do several of these kinds of activities that vary from holiday to holiday, but it is always done to people we know in our neighborhood and church. We have never signed them. It is meant to be anonymous and a type of service by bringing some joy and well wishes for whichever holiday it is, to whomever it is delivered too. Everyone at church knows it is from someone in the church, but they don’t know who from. Several of them even encourage the recipients to keep the tradition going until the actually day of the holiday to continue spreading the message and cheer to a larger group of people. I just found one for a stocking-“You’ve been socked!” Where you leave a sticking filled with goodies, but thought it would be fun to put in a fun pair of socks or a pair for each family member, along with the sock message. I think it sounds so fun and with all the differnt socks you can find for any holiday, season, event, animal, etc. you could have a real ball with it. I even thought about going as far as buying two pairs of socks for this one, since it is fall, quickly turning into winter. One pair being a fun pair and one being a warm thick cozy pair to ward off the chill. Anyway, I love this idea! And all the others out there. I will continue not to sign my name, but then again, I only ‘egg’, ‘sock’, ‘boo’, ‘boo-zed’, ‘bless’, ‘thank’, etc. people I know.

  14. I love this! I want to use it in my school. I teach at a Christian school…is there any way you could change yard to classroom? Thanks in advance!

  15. Monica Kelsey says

    Is there any way you can send me this in a file where I can edit it? I would LOVE to add our church info on it and have it serve as an invite to our Easter service and egg hunt. Thank you! Monica Kelsey

  16. I too would love to use this for an outreach for our church, can you send me and editable version?
    Thanks so much!


  18. We did this last year with our kids and had a blast. We did not do this to complete strangers. I texted the parents of my boys friends so they knew what we were up to. My kids had a blast picking out supplies, stuffing eggs, and running around their friends yards hiding eggs. Great idea and fun way to spread Easter cheer. I have also seen a version that doesn’t touch on Jesus at all, equally as fun 🙂

  19. I am missing something, I only get one egg when I download – help! I want to print this out and take it to our Grandkids when we visit them for Easter.

    • Elizabeth says

      You just print one egg, but fill 11 plastic eggs and leave the 12th one empty. The paper one goes on the door, the plastic ones go in the yard 🙂 I saw this on Pinterest and we are definitely doing this for our friends!!!

  20. This is so great! Thank you for offering such fun material at no cost. 🙂 If you have an editable file that you’re willing to email, I would love to have it as well! Thanks again!

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