Free Visiting Teaching Printables // May 2016

I am SOOO sorry! I am so late posting these. Life has been absolutely nuts at my house for the past 2 months! This month’s message, is non-specific, just share a message(s) from April 2016 General Conference. I had plans to make lots of General Conference quotes, but that just didn’t happen, so what I did was take my favorite quote from President Thomas S. Monson’s talk. I have a 4×6 file for you as well as a full sheet that you can cut 2 out of. [Read more…]

Free Visiting Teaching Printables // April 2016

If you have been around for a while, you know that I love making free Visiting Teaching printables EVERY month!  Sometimes that is the only post I get done, yikes!!

I have been recently assigned to new ladies to visit and last month, I gave them the quote that I had them printed at Shutterfly!  It was super easy and worked so well, that I really wanted to try to standardize the handouts that I make.  What I am going to do for all of you lovely readers, is to… [Read more…]

A Christ Centered Easter // Why my family has asked the Easter Bunny NOT to come on Sunday…

How do you feel about holidays lately???

I’m feeling SO torn!  I feel like the MEANING of the Holidays are getting lost in all of the THINGS that we are doing.  Yes, the Easter Bunny has been around forever, and yes, the elves have been part of the Santa story forever, BUT, I am feeling overwhelmed as a mom!  I am trying to keep up with leprechaun traps, elf on the shelf, and who knows what is next.  Don’t get me wrong, I am TORN!  I LOVE making holidays fun, especially for my children and I will probably always go overboard in one way or the other.  But do we REALLY need to be giving GIFTS on every Holiday??  Do we NEED a NEW tradition to be added EVERY year???  [Read more…]

8 years, and 13 blogs later… the TRUTH about my blogging journey, the good, the bad, and the $$$ Money $$$

WELCOME TO MY STORY!!  TODAY, March 18, 2016 is my 8 YEAR BLOGGAVERSARY!!!  I have been blogging for 8 YEARS today!  I have been thinking about this post for a few weeks, and it didn’t spill out exactly as I planned it, but, it is what it is! [Read more…]

10 of my FAVORITE Free Easter Printables!

I made a list of my favorite Free Easter Printables, BECAUSE… Easter is absolutely one of my favorite Holidays!  The first and most important reason is that Easter celebrates the life and sacrifice that our Savior, Jesus Christ made for each and every one of us!!  #Hallelujah    [Read more…]

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Free Visiting Teaching Printable — March 2016

I have a goal this month to get out and do my Visiting Teaching earlier than the last week of the month…  I know I am not the only one that does this, right??  Even if it is the end of the month and you are just reading this to get it done, great job!!  I can’t tell you what a blessing it is in my life when I have had visiting teachers that are willing to take a few minutes out of their month to come visit me.  That is why I take the time to make free visiting teaching printables each month, I just love the blessings that come from both sides of visiting teaching!   [Read more…]