Visiting Teaching Subscription

If you love our Free Monthly Visiting Teaching Printables, but want the convenience of having it all done for you, then we hope you will be interested in our Visiting Teaching Monthly Subscription!

Monthly Visiting Teaching Subscription // Only $4 per Month!

A few reasons to consider our Visiting Teaching Subscription Service!

  • If you are anything like me, I struggle to remember to do my Visiting Teaching and I can use a reminder.  We think our subscription service is a great way to remember to take the time to do your Visiting Teaching each month!
  • Many of us have Sisters on our list that are hard to get a hold of, or inactive and may not want a sit down visit each month, so I think our handouts are a great way to get a message to your Sisters each month, even if you are unable to meet with them.


What does a Monthly Subscription include?

  • Each Set includes a Designed 4×6 print of a quote that goes along with that month’s lesson.
  • Each Set includes a Designed Full Page print of the full lesson.


When do I get my subscription?

  • Subscriptions go out by the last day of every month.  Any orders placed on or before the last day of the month will get the next month’s set.  Example, if you order on October 13th, your first package will arrive in the first week of November, but if you were to order on November 1st, your first package will arrive during the first week of December.


How do I sign up?

  • If you would like to Subscribe to be charged Monthly, you may sign up below, using the “Click Here to Subscribe” button.  **You must have or set up a PayPal account to use this option.
  • Or, if you would like to purchase a specific number of months at a time, you may purchase through our Etsy Page.


Can I cancel my subscription?

  • Yes, you can cancel at anytime using the link below, and I will make sure that you receive a set for each set that you paid for.  Email me with any questions regarding your subscription:


What do I get when the Ensign is the General Conference Editions?

  • During the months of May and November, they do not have a specific Visiting Teaching Message, they usually ask that you share a message from General Conference.  For these months, you will get a Quote picked from either the Prophet or one of the First Presidency’s Talks.  You will also get a full page General Conference Checklist.  You can see an example of what you would get HERE.


1 Set = 4×6 Quote + Full Page Lesson (US Shipping Included)