Free Advertising – Seriously FREE!

Free Advertising, no Obligation to Purchase

I love blogging and I know how hard it can be to get the word out about your blog, so I am offering completely free Advertising, no strings attached.  This is how it works, advertisements are placed first come serve. There will be a waiting list for all ads not initially posted. Free ads will be displayed from Monday until the following Monday. If you wish to purchase your spot, you must let us know via email by the Friday before your ad expires. If you do not purchase your spot before then, your ad will automatically be taken down on Monday and given to the next person on the waitlist or anyone else who wishes to purchase it. Purchased Ad spots will always take priority over the waitlist, so we can not offer any sort of estimate on the time that your ad might appear. You will be emailed once your ad appears with the offer to purchase it. If any information filled out below is incomplete, your ad will not be placed on the waitlist. We reserve the right to reject any ads for any reason, and we will not accept ANY ads that are inappropriate in any way.  This offer is available for each person 1 time only!!  So if you have multiple websites, please choose only one of them.

If you want in on this deal, get your Ad that is 240pxWide by 100px Tall, prepared and fill out this form to get on my list.  If you do not know how to design an ad, I have a tutorial on my other blog that shows you how to design a header using (free), you can use the same idea for designing an ad.

If you are interested in skipping the list, or checking out our other advertising options, check out my current media kit here.  Email me at to get started.



  1. Liz Barber says:

    Carolynn, when I click on the link it says: You need permission to access this item.

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